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How To Earn Automated Income By Embedding adf.ly Scripts In Your Blog.

Adf.ly is the most popular URL shortening service ever been on internet. It was launched in 2007 and now it is the world largest URL shortening service which pays its users to shrink URLs. Thousand of bloggers are using this URL shortening service and getting paid to share their shrunk URLs on blogs, forums, social media etc.

Detailed Explanation of Earning Money Online By Shortening URLs.

Their basic program allows users to shrink or shorten any URL around the web manually and then share it to anywhere. Well this is easy for only those users who have to deal with comparatively less URLs i.t they shrink low number of URLs and their only source to share URLs is social media or forums. If you own a blog or website, then adf.ly provides different website scripts by using them you can easily monetize your website by using automatic adf.ly services on your blog or website.

How To Earn Automated Income By Embedding adf.ly Scripts In Your Blog.
There are different types of scripts which you can select from which you can find from tools section of your adf.ly account. Full page scripts, website entry scripts and pop ads are example of these scripts which let you make automated money from your blog or website and you will not have to shrink any URL of your page manually to earn money online.

1. Full Page Script: Full page script is used to change all URLs of a blog to redirect towards adf.ly hence generating precious revenue. Full page script can be embedded in a blog by two ways.
First way is to redirect links starting with only selected domains towards adf.ly .
Here is the example of this kind of script which you can find in the Full Page Script option in Tools section of your adf.ly account.

In this type of script, you can can select the domains which URLs when clicked through your blog, redirect your readers to adf.ly. The domains mentioned in above post are by default and you can add or delete as many domains as you want. With this type of script, you are also paid for the first click on any URL of the blog by a unique visitor. Links are updated automatically.

Second way of using full page script is to use it in a fashion that all URLs of your website or blog are redirected to adf.ly no matter of which domain they are. The example of this script is given below which you can find from the same source as above script.

By embedding this script in your blog/website, all of clicks made to your blog will be redirected to adf.ly and this creates more chances of earnings than previous script.
Other customizations can be done according to need which are given in the same page.

2. Website Entry Script: Website entry script lets you make money when any person visits your blog. It shows pop-under ads and redirects users to adf.ly when they click some URLs but not every click goes to adf.ly . You can customize all settings with the help of their customization help found in Website Entry Script in Tools section of your adf.ly account. Here is the example of this script.

3. Pop-Under Script: Pop Under script can be used independently or in combination with any of above scripts. Here is the example of Pop-Under script.

Using pop-under script in your website shows pop-under ads on your website which are shown to every visitor and you make money from every visitor of your blog. If you want to use it independently then the whole code will be embedded to your website/blog.
If you want to use it in combination with website entry script or full page script, then you will have to enter following variable to the above scripts.

var popunder = true;

Now we proceed to the method how to embed these scripts in blogger to earn money with blog.

1. Login to your adf.ly account.
2. Cick on tools to go in tools section.

3. Now go to any type of option which script do you want to embed in your website, for example, in this example, I have chosen full page script so you will see this type of script in example.

4. Copy the script which you want to embed in your blog.
5. Now go to your blogger dashboard > Layout and choose Add A Gadget.

6. In the next window, choose HTML/Javascript.

7. Paste the copied script in the new box and customize it according to your needs and then save it.

8. Your website will be generating automatic money for your through adf.ly account :) Via: www.helpitx.com
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