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Introduction To 10 Most Popular Social Media Sites

Social media have unavoidable importance for bloggers and internet business entrepreneurs. Social media activity has most important role in search engine optimization (not direct but indirect) and success of an internet business. Its very important to learn using social media in right way to gain more traffic for a blog. Social media worms use this platform to access content over world wide web. Search engines are used mostly when a person wants to search something specific.

For browsing random pages and articles, social media platforms are used which aren't totally random. They are also user specific for his interests and likes. In this way social media is another great way to get readers and customers. There are number of social media sites which offer different services and ways to share but the purpose of all social media platforms is same which is sharing your content with world. I am writing an introduction to some most popular social media sites which are best for spreading your content with world. These social media sites have solid presence on world wide web and ranked as top sites of a many countries.
Introduction To 10 Most Popular Social Media Sites
You may watch them in the list of Top Sites According To Alexa Rankings. Now come to introduction of most popular social media sites.

1. Facebook: Facebook rules the social media sharing sites as it is most popular among them. It has Alexa rank 2 which remains almost stable entire year so we don't have to doubt that it is king of social media sites. Facebook offers its users number of features including personal profiles, feature to create pages and groups which may be used for business purposes, sharing of links, photos, videos and so on. One can find people he knows on facebook if he gives his correct details at the time of registration so facebook searches people who are near you, studied with you, worked with you and recommend you their profiles so you can add them as friends. It also contains attraction and charm for business holders who are willing to promote their business to a great number of people. Facebook helps you in this. You can create a page or group for your business, website or blog so you get more readers by this.

2. Twitter: Twitter is second most popular social media network around world wide web but I consider it first. Its because I find twitter more useful than facebook. You may have your own views but I prefer twitter over facebook. It is a microblogging platform where users are free to post anything. Twitter users can share unlimited tweets daily with their followers with limit of 140 characters per post. You can follow anyone and your account is open for everyone to remain updated with your tweets unless you set privacy options in your account. You can share pics, videos and links to your followers and the most interesting thing is that you aren't restricted on twitter to do any social activity except for the limit of 140 charcters per tweet which is also applicable in direct messaging.

It has excellent features for both personal and business use and like facebook, twitter activity of a business is also helpful in gaining readers and followers to your content.

3. LinkedIn: It is ranked as third most popular social media site. LinkedIn is the place for professionals to find people of their interests. It has some features similar to facebook. Well, linkedIn is mostly used by professionals and entrepreneurs so it is also a good learning place rather than just a social media network. LinkedIn finds people from overall world which have interests similar to you and gives you suggestion based on your interests. It is an awesome place to learn more about your profession, interests and also to promote your business. Using LinkedIn smartly can boos your business and readers.

4. VK (VKontakte): Though majority of Asian and African wouldn't have listened the name of VK as a social network but it isn't a reason in reducing the popularity of this popular network. VKontakte is second most popular social network in Europe after facebook which shows how important is VK for online entrepreneurs. It is Europe's second most popular social networking site so you by using VK you may get from Europe which isn't possible for you to get using other social networks. It has most features similar to Facebook and at the first glance, I presumed this website as old version of Facebook. Well it is Russian based social media network good for both personal and business use. If you are a website or blog owner, then this will be surprising to know an interesting feature of VK. All links on VK are dofollow links which is biggest difference between VK and rest other social media sites. All social media sites use NoFollow attribute for the links posted but VK increases the visibility of your link in search engines with dofollow attribute. It is an awesome place to get free Dofollow backlink from Pagerank 9 domain so it is best for SEO.
Creating a community page for your website or blog on VK gives you a free dofollow backlink from Pagerank 9 and not confined to only this, all further links will also be dofollow. This is the most valuable thing in SEO which you cannot find in other social media networks.

5. Pinterest: Pinterest is 5th most popular social media network across the globe. It is a type of online social bookmarking site where users pin the pages which they like to online boards. When a new page is pinned to a specific board, it appears in that board and visible to public. You can create unlimited boards on Pinterest. One can follow any board of his interest to remain updated for the activity on that board. If you are a website owner and verify your website on pinterest with your profile, then you could also watch how much traffic comes on your website comes from Pinterest. I like this feature a lot because I want to see this feature in almost all social media sites where I share my posts.

6. Tumblr: It is another microblogging platform but it has not 140 Characters limit per tweet like twitter. Tumblr allows its users to share multimedia, links, and other content on their micro-blog. The profile of a user is called his Blog on tumblr and one can customize his blog as he wish. It is a good place to share your content and good for both personal and business use.

7. Reddit: Reddit is also a type of social sharing site where users post links, text and multimedia content. The content which gains more votes by other users appears in homepage. Its good to share content on Reddit but one has to remain positively active on reddit to gain most of it. Its idea is simple and unique but here positive activity is considered most important.

8.Stumbleupon: Stumbleupon is a social bookmarking platform where people watch random pages of their interest as soon they are added for stumbling. Stumbleupon is the huge collection of interesting and useful pages on internet which are displayed to its users after they are added in stumbleupon. Its idea is very simple, have to click on stumble button after logging in. Each time you click stumble button, a new page is displayed of your interests. You can like pages to save them in your profile so you may easily access those pages later. It is also good for bloggers to share their bog posts on stumbleupon because they may get some sure traffic from stumbleupon.

9. Quora: Quora is an online community where people interact and ask questions from other users. You may join a community to share your problems. You may also invite a specific person to give solution to your problem. Its better for those who want guidance in any field and want solution to any problem which they are unable to get from other sources. Quora community contains highly professional experts of market so you might find reliable solutions and answers. You can start your own community too just like Facebook and VKontakte.

10. GooglePlus: Though I am mentioning this Social Network in the last but don't assume that it is least popular than above mentioned social networks. GooglePlus is a popular social media platform by Google where users can share links, multimedia content and text content with other users. Using GooglePlus gives access to more features from google like hangouts, creating a business page and so on. You can add other people in your circles to share your posts with them. It gives you option to categorize the people you add in your circles so you may easily share your content with only those with whom you want to share.
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