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Top 5 Affililate Marketing Networks

Affiliate marketing is the most profitable business to earn money online without investment from the comfort of home. Million of people are making money online by affiliate marketing with major affiliate networks worldwide. An affiliate marketer has to promote a third party product to his audience and when it is sold, he gets the commissions from the actual seller. These commissions vary from affiliate networks to different products. A marketer can promote third party products on his website or blog, through PTC or banner ads or can choose the option of Email Marketing which is used by most of affiliate marketers.

In this post, I am going to tell you about 5 major affiliate networks which pay their users a handsome amount in commissions.

Top 5 Affililate Marketing Networks
1. Linkshare:

Top 5 Affililate Marketing Networks
Linkshare is lead by a Japanese company Rakuten and it is one of the largest affiliate networks whose affiliates are selling products worldwide using different methods. Rakuten linkshare pays its affiliates a great sum in commissions. To join this network, you must have a running website on which LinkShare will show ads. The affiliates get commissions when someone purchase anything by clicking the ad. It is not only confined to sells but an affiliate may also receive commissions when a form is filled or something is downloaded through his website. This program has much flexibilities, you just need a website which receives enough traffic to be approved by Linkshare.

2. Ebay:

Ebay INC is among the largest E-commerce companies that runs an online E-commerce network. Ebay, Paypal, Ebay Enterprises and Half.com are the popular websites and programs run under their network. Ebay is also an online store where you meet sellers and buyers trading almost everything. Ebay also offers an affiliate program to those who want to earn money by promoting the products of Ebay partners. A person can easily become an Ebay affiliate if he owns a website. The affiliate's work is to send quality traffic to Ebay and the affiliate is rewarded with handsome commissions. As Ebay is affiliated with Paypal so you must have a Paypal account in order to receive monthly commissions from Ebay. They rewards great commissions so it is worth joining this program to earn money online.

3. Amazon:

Amazon is also a huge E-Commerce company which runs a great network of many E-commerce programs. Alexa, Amazon online store, IMDb, ACX etc are their popular programs. They offer an affiliate program to publishers. A publisher can run their ads on his website or promote their products in other ways. On each sale, the affiliate receives upto 10% commissions. The amount of commissions varies from product to product. It is worth joining their program if you have a website or you have a good audience to which you can promote the products.

4. Clickbank:

Clickbank has been running a quality affiliate marketing networking since 1998. It has gained an outstanding popularity in the last decade and serving as host affiliate network for hundred of thousands marketers. An affiliate receives upto 75% commission on each sell he makes.That's good enough if you are successfully selling products with higher prices. Working on click bank, it isn't necessary for you to have a website. You can promote your products by any mean either through PTC ads, Banner ads or Solo ads. It depends on you. You can also work on your website wiht Clickbank. As a Clickbank affiliate, choose wisely the products to promote because it matters what you promote. Usually affiliates promote digital items from clickbank because of quicker payments and high commission value.

5. SFI:

SFI is another entrepreneur marketing group which was launched in 1998 with a single product. Till the date, they are selling 90,000 products all over the world and providing employments to online earning opportunities seekers. It is 16 years old established program so no need to think it is a scam. Thousands of people daily join this program and get guidance on how to make money online with internet marketing. There is a huge income potential on this program. SFI provides step by step and detailed guidance to its affiliates on how to sell products and choose targeted customers. They also run a huge online store namely TripleClicks which products you can promote. The commissions are rewarded in the form Versapoints. SFI has not disclosed the value of versapoints yet but they say that their value vary with the number of contributions and sells in a pool and after dividing the commissions, the value of versapoints may vary every month. Payments are sure and after becoming an EA member by securing 1500 VersaPoints, one can also get rewarded by referring SFI to others.

Beside these affiliate networks a number of legit affiliate networks are giving opportunities to marketers. I have only mentioned here the most popular affiliate networks and classified them with my rankings.
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