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About Comic Pastor | Prosper Ngomashi

Prosper Ngomashi is a Zimbabwean comedian and MC who shot to fame after his comedy shot video titled Shamhu went viral in Zimbabwe on WhatsApp and Facebook in 2015. 

Prosper had been performing for years at various venues in Harare but was not mainstream. After the wild success of the Shamhu video, however, he became a household name in Zimbabwe. Ngomashi, who describes himself as The Comic Pastor is now part of P.O. Box a comedy video film company that publishes its videos mainly on Facebook. 

Ngomashi appears in P.O. Box videos along with Sharon Chideu (Maggie) and Samantha Kureya (Gonyeti).
About Comic Pastor | Prosper Ngomashi
Background: Ngomashi was born and raised in Epworth, Harare. He attended Epworth and Makomo primary schools before moving on to Epworth Secondary school for his O'Level level studies.

Ngomashi has said he started comedy early in primary school where he'd play the role of a news reader. "It was during the time when Mike Tyson fought with Evander Holyfield and I did skit titled Akuruma nzeve ndewako." he remembers.

Ngomashi then went on to do comedy in church, at events like their Easter and big Sunday conferences. "Those days I never knew anything about stand-up comedy I just knew one form of comedy which I called sermons," he said in an interview with Zimbojam.

Ngomashi is trained as a sales person.

Career: Ngomashi's start in the profession was when he heard of and attended a workshop called Simuka Comedy. He then started performing at the monthly Simuka Comedy nights in Harare until he graduated to become a headline act. He has performed alongside well known local comedians like Simba the Comic King, Doc Vikela, Carl Joshua Ncube and Clive Chigubhu.

Some of his early moderately popular short videos included Zvirikufaya paEpworth ndichigeza phone, a Philip Chiyangwa parody video, one on Cecil the lion and others.
P.o. Box: In the second half of 2015, Ngomashi joined Facebook comedy show P.O. Box after the main acts of the show, Bhutisi and Boss Keda left to form their own P.o. Box Reloaded Facebook comedy show. 

On the show, Ngomashi appears in videos alongside fellow comedians Maggie and Gonyeti.
About Comic Pastor | Prosper Ngomashi
About Comic Pastor | Prosper Ngomashi

About Comic Pastor | Prosper Ngomashi

About Comic Pastor | Prosper Ngomashi
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