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Fundamental Keys to Blogging Success - Social Media

Social Media: Social media marketing is another great form of marketing and it is becoming increasingly important and effective in getting the word out about your blog.

Effectively utilizing the power of social media can help you get thousands of views to a single article in one day.

There are several ways to get great results from your social media efforts and I will be outlining two very important ones below:

1. Work with Influencers: If there is one way to shortcut your way to success in the social media world then it is by working with the influencers. Try to work on building stronger relationships with them and they will be very happy to help when you need their help.

This method can be very effective but it is always very difficult to get this to work, which in turn leads us to the second point.

2. Learn The System: Being someone who has been trying to get the best by leveraging the power of social media, I will tell you this is not very easy to do but the results might worth the effort.

Learning the system is really one of the best ways to market your blog with social media because you have the power and you can easily do anything you want without needing the help of others.

Don’t Play with Your Headlines
One of the most important aspects of your content that makes it easy to market is your headline; if you just come up with headlines without thinking about it twice then you are not doing what is right.

The headline plays a very important role in making your content a success and it doesn’t matter how hard you try to promote, your headline can still impose some limitations on the results you will get.

When writing headlines, we have what we call “important words”; these are words that automatically makes a reader want to read a post because of the headline, in this post you will notice the two important words are “fundamental” and “keys“.

Fundamental Keys to Blogging Success - Social Media
There are many tutorials on writing great headlines but I have never seen a resource as valuable as Copyblogger.

#3 Design Matters
One very important element that has a lot to do with your blog’s success is your blog’s design and I’ve lost count of the number of blogs I don’t read because of the design.

Having a great design is really important because it makes your blog user-friendly and it also makes your content presentable. I am someone who really didn’t care about having a great design, but one great thing I learned from Glen Allsopp is the importance of having a good design – while he might not tell me in words, I was able to analyze his blog’s success and what really made him a success, I discovered the reason for his success was not only his content but also how he makes it presentable.

Your content is important but you can make your readers bored by not having a great design.

There are many steps you can take to improve your blog’s design, you can choose from a lot of premium themes or you can decide to hire a designer to help you design your own custom theme, it all depends on you.

When trying to get the perfect great design for your blog, it is also very important to make sure you have a great navigation structure and you should also make it easy for your readers to subscribe to your blog.

#4 Goals Bring Results
One very important factor that can affect your blogging career is your goal. If you have great goals then you will get great results and you will never be a mediocre but if you don’t care about having goals or you think everything will just come and go then you are most likely not going to get results.

Many people joke with having goals and I think this is a very critical part of your career that you should never joke with. There are several types of goals and I will be listing some important type of goals every blogger should have.
  • Achievement goals: This type of goal should be based on what you want to achieve within a time-frame. You’re the only one that can limit yourself from success, nothing else can! Your goals should not be limited by anything and your goals should also not be based on the present but you should train yourself to see far ahead into the future. What is it that you want to get? What is it that you want to achieve? It might be monetary, traffic-wise, influence-wise, or even in form of the number of subscribers you want to get. It doesn’t matter how achievement-based your goal is, it is always important to have one. Another thing of note is that you shouldn’t try to get discouraged should you not achieve your goal but you should rather work hard on getting things done and setting goals wisely.
  • Action Goals: It is this type of goal that deals with what you will do. For example, one of my action goals is to be writing a minimum of 30 guest posts every month. You might have an action goal based on how you promote your blog or how you update your blog. If you want to get the most of your traffic through blog commenting, you can decide to have an action goal of you commenting on “X number of blogs” everyday. Your action goal can also be based on how you update your blog, for example, you might want to be updating your blog every 2 days.
  • Limit Goals: This is a type of goal that has a restriction or that has a number attached to it. For example, if your goal is to be getting X number of visitors in X time, then we can say you have limit goals.
If I am asked, I will advise every blogger to have limit goals, because goals like this are easier to achieve. If you come up with a goal like I want to be the top blogger in 2010, it might be very difficult to achieve this type of goal and by time you begin to realize what it takes you might eventually get discouraged but if you come up with goals like “I want to be getting 2,000 unique visitors a day after my 1 year of blogging”, you might find it easier to achieve – because it is based on something, “after 1 year and 2,000” and this makes it easier to achieve because you know what you want and when to achieve it.

We still have other types of goals but the above 3 are very important for every blogger, you don’t need to set goals for its sake but set goals that make you get things done.

So Helpful – So Deadly
One major truth is that the difference between the success and failure of many bloggers will be determined by their goals.

The power of having goals should never be underestimated because there is strength in setting goals; your goal is what keeps on motivating you, your goal is what keeps you going – because you are not seeing the present, but the future ahead of you.

Even as important as setting goals is, it is can also be very dangerous and can be the reason behind the failure of many bloggers – it is very dangerous if you begin to toil with your goals. www.writersincharge.com
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