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Breaking Down Online Evangelism with Oudney Patsika (Part 2)

Why is Online Evangelism Important? In part 1 of the series, we covered the basics of online evangelism – what it is and some common key terms.

Now, we’re reviewing three main reasons why this branch of evangelism is critical, especially in the digital era.

Reason 1: We Need to Change the Online Story: You can probably think of someone who researches Pentecostals online, only to conclude that we are a “cult” and follow the teachings of a “false prophet” more than the teaching of the Bible.

Why do so many people believe this? Because of negative content widely available on the internet.

60% of visitors stop attending evangelistic series because they, or someone they know, came across websites or videos that painted pentecostalism in a different light.

Online evangelism helps ensure that when people search for us online, they find credible websites about our church, beliefs, educational institutions, hospitals, and ministries.
Breaking Down Online Evangelism with Oudney Patsika (Part 2)
Reason 2: We Need to Save More Souls: So many people are living and dying without hope in Jesus.

Think of your relatives, friends, neighbours, co-workers, or classmates; have they all heard the Gospel? What about the people at your local grocery store or bank; are they saved? There are many of them who have yet to have their sins forgiven by Christ.

At the Second Coming, only those who have accepted Jesus as their Savior will be saved.

Homeowners are no longer opening their doors to canvassers as they used to and handbill invitations to attend church seem to go unnoticed. However, a video on YouTube or a blog post might be the key to pointing a friend or relative to Jesus. Online evangelism increases the likelihood of them coming across an opportunity to have a personal relationship with Jesus, thereby more people can be saved.

Reason 3: We Need to be Relevant: While the Gospel message never changes, how we deliver that message will change.

Today, no one would advocate travelling on horseback from state to state to preach the Gospel. This method was most effective during an era where a messenger travelled as fast as the fastest horse. Today, cars, trains, and planes have provided more effective ways to travel.

If we wish to remain relevant and effective in carrying out the Great Commission, we must learn how to use the platforms that will get us in touch with the masses.

Today’s evangelistic efforts must be appropriate to the current time, period, and circumstances.
Why are We So Far Behind? Aesop’s fable about the tortoise and hare gives an idea of why we are lagging behind when it comes to using the most revolutionary methods to share the Gospel. It seems we, as a church, became very comfortable with the progress we were making and mistakenly assumed that we could slow down. But in resting, we became lukewarm, not only in our own spiritual growth but in our efforts to win souls.

Also, we hesitated to accept emerging technology and failed to see how these new digital means of communication could be used for a higher, nobler purpose.

We are far behind in online evangelism because we are constantly shifting the mission responsibility to someone else instead of recognizing our own personal role to help finish the work. We’re playing Holy Volleyball; instead of dropping the ball, we’re getting worked up tossing it on the other side. Members toss the ball to leaders, leaders toss it to workers, workers toss it back to members, and so it continues.

But all hope is not lost.

The Clarion Call: Now, there is a clarion call to every member, worker, and leader to either be directly involved in online evangelism or to support digital missionaries. We must stay up to date with the times so that we can utilize all avenues possible to preach the Gospel and Three Angels Message to the ends of the world. We can no longer afford to remain on the sidelines of evangelism.

Source - www.centerforonlineevangelism.org
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