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It Is A Matter Of Attitude - Why Your Website Is An Asset For You and Online Followers!

Your website is an asset.
A personal and a business asset.

It is the single online property you can own and control. Your most potent piece of real estate when it comes to your online personal brand or business presence.

It is your home, base-camp, hub, anchor. It is where you can create the most direct online chain to supplying viewers or online followers with what they need. The one self-owned container you have got.

The only one that offers you the complete package; an indisputable golden opportunity to communicate and demonstrate your brand identity to yourself, your visitors, customers, potential employees, followers, prospects and leads. And to serve!

Your website is an asset! Yes is it!

Considering this, it should be easy to see that your website is a business asset that deserves and requires the same import and respect than any other of your business assets demand. Much the same way you would care for a brick and mortar location you occupy for your business or other (fixed and current) tangible (hard) assets such as property or land that you own or certain financial assets, equipment, inventory etc.

See Your Website For What It Is - an asset!

The website development and design process is not one that will merely tie you to an abstracted online translation of who you are, encasing your name, services, mission and other content into a viewable, clickable static container. Or even merely a marketing tool, interactive or not.

For many individuals, businesses and organizations, it is an absence of Asset-Regard that imposes the risk of an unfortunate lack of direction and intent for customer use. Think about it. Having a laissez-faire attitude about your website, means you are not valuing it to the breadth and depth of its potential. And that means you are not only possibly selling yourself short but your online followers as well.
It Is A Matter Of Attitude - Why Your Website Is An Asset For You and Online Followers!
What are you really giving them, then online?

If your site is an asset for your personal brand and business, then it is an asset for your followers as well.

Listen, there is not much that’s more important than that!

In accounting terms, a small business website asset would be defined as an intangible asset (non-physical in the sense that it cannot be touched):
“…an asset is an economic resource. Anything tangible or intangible that is capable of being owned or controlled to produce value and that is held to have positive economic value is considered an asset.

…Intangible assets are nonphysical resources and rights that have a value to the firm because they give the firm some kind of advantage in the market place.”

“Intangible assets are considered the goods of immaterial nature:

- The science of knowing what to do.
- Our relations with our followers or clients.
- Our operative processes.
- The technology of information and databases.
- Capacities, abilities and innovations of the employers.

…The intangible assets are the most important sources of the organization that grant competitive advantages to other companies. The organization that has an excellent operative process, knows their segment in the market and possess the knowledge to develop a unique product, and has the ability to motivate their employees, will have a guaranteed success.”

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