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Can You Afford It with Oudney's Studios

We live in a world of pretence. A world where many people work so hard not for their own happiness, but for that of others. 

The "I belong too" syndrome has eaten so deep into the fabrics of our society. Men are pretending, women are pretending, boys are pretending, girls are pretending, the aged are pretending. The list goes on and on.

Let's begin by defining "affordability". In the context of our discussion today, affordability simply means being able to have, purchase, live within your means without any form of inconvenience.

The idea behind affordability is not what one could have or buy, but living within one's means. Living beyond one's financial means have made a lot of people go broke, be indebted unnecessarily, beg, land into troubles, etc.

I still can't understand why on earth someone will go borrow just to have an elaborate naming ceremony, birthday party, wedding and the likes. That's unwise. No one says one should not celebrate events and moments in our lives, no. But that should be done within our financial strength.
Can You Afford It with Oudney's Studios
Statistics and sad experiences in society have shown that many people are not good managers of financial resources. It takes an understanding of what life truly is and self-discipline to live within one's means.

Effective personal finance management requires prudence. Wisdom requires that one learns to differentiate between needs and wants, very important things and unimportant or less important things. Questions such as: "do I need this very expensive phone?", "can maintain this car?", "can I afford this house rent?", "can I sustain this lifestyle of mine?", "am I not going for this gadget just to show off, or show that I belong too?". The list goes on and on.

Spending on impulse is unwise. Learn to prioritize. Stick to your goals. Live within a budget. Stop impressing others. Invest in your dreams and assets.
The fact is that many people don't have a life of their own anymore. They are prisoners of a wicked society that cares less about their own well-being and happiness. One can never satisfy the world, so why don't you live your own life. Maturity is being able to be your own self, do your own thing, dress your own way, live where you love, without apology to anyone. Everyone is responsible for his/her own happiness.

Stop leaving in fear of what others might say or think about you. If you can't afford it today, you will tomorrow or in future. Don't compete with others: it unhealthy and unwise. Don't get out of your way to impress others, consequently putting yourself in debt, or any other kind of trouble. It is your own life, please take charge of it. Not having now doesn't mean you won't have it tomorrow. Don't feel inferior to anybody. Tell yourself "it is time" and remind yourself "my own time is coming".

Friends, your best days are still ahead. Therefore, get a life for yourself today as you start living within your own financial means. 

You will succeed in Jesus name! Stay blessed.

See you at the top!
Your friend!
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