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Great Rules To Be Followed In A WhatsApp group

So, you are reading this post because you are in a WhatsApp group (friends, family, rocking girls, cool boys, super dudes, bus mates, trainees, office mates, strangers {this one will be created soon},etc.,). 

You maybe the admin, strongest/weakest person, active/ inactive person, funny bone, controversy starter/stopper, forwarder, lurker, loudest or pacifier of the group, but you have to follow certain protocols. Of course, there are rules wherever you go. So,why not a WhatsApp group?

Here are some salient rules that each guy/girl must follow in a WhatsApp group:

1.Don’t argue over silly matters
Well, this is Rule #1. Nowadays there are huge number of complains that there have been quarrels over petty issues in a WhatsApp group. A group is something where you must cherish your sweet moments with your friends or family. It’s not a battleground where you can take a pistol and shoot the other! If you do want to argue with an individual,visit his/her private chat and put forward your opinions.

2. Refrain from chatting with a single person
Do you know the meaning of a group? A “group” is a collection of individuals who interact with each other on a regular basis and share their thoughts. You could very well switch onto a private chat if you want to have a talk with a particular person. You must interact with all of your buddies in a group and treat them equally. Well,it puts off others in a group when they switch on their cellular data and find your nonsensical messages to a single person in a group!
Great Rules To Be Followed In A WhatsApp group
3. Never begin a topic that would hurt religious or cultural sentiments
This is a definite no! Your group consists of friends from different religions and cultures. There would be a Hindu,a Christian,a Muslim,a Sikh or even a Zoroastrian. And of course,there will be friends hailing from North,South,East and West. Why don’t you welcome them with a warm heart instead of stabbing them with a religious post,comment or pic? Though they might helpless (remember they are not political hotshots to fight against you for your post),you will surely receive their wrath that would last for a lifetime!

4. Don’t make fun of anyone
Yes,making fun or bullying somebody in a group is the most atrocious way of irritating them! Do you even know how the other person might feel? They are being enslaved to ubiquitous shame and they would never show up in the group if you gonna taunt them forever. There is a limit to everything and you must abide by that.

5. Don’t comment awful things about an actor or a celebrity

There is a fan for each and every actor/celebrity in the world. You probably might not know about that and you would indulge in posting nasty comments about that particular celebrity. Well,then begins the war within a group! There are hardcore fanatics who would rip off your limbs if you ever try to bog down their favorite actor. They might worship them as Gods and you would find yourself in trouble for your not-meant-to-be-serious comment.

6. Don’t spam with unnecessary chains and forward messages
“Plz Plz Plz..Forward this message immediately.. This baby needs AB-ve blood..” (that baby would have probably received blood way back in 2009 itself),”WhatsApp will be off from 11.30 pm to 6:00 am daily……WhatsApp logo will change color” (do you even know who is Aarohi Deshmukh?). You might have seen these messages right from when you have joined WhatsApp. And the trouble has followed you even after joining a group. These chains and forward messages are meant for nothing. They are hoax and are forwarded just for the fun of it!

7. Don’t leave the group often
You might have deleted the group unknowingly. In that case,you can request the admin to add you back. But what if intentionally you leave the group just because you are frustrated or have personal issues with someone? Your group is not to be blamed. Yes,the admin might add you back with a warning. But even then if you insist on leaving the group,you will be eventually thrown out!

8. Refrain from posting unnecessary things if the group is meant to be a specific one
The group is meant for sharing business news or job updates. And if you keep sharing jokes or memes within that group,it will look awkward. You will be making a fool of yourself and probably you will appear as a dumb weirdo in front of others who might think that you have gone nuts. So,it’s better to post specific things or keep mum.

9. Don’t exhibit rude behavior or snap at anyone
Being rude in a group completely exposes your true colors to your friends who were trusting you till then. If something angers you,politely move away from the chat or switch off your cellular data. Instead don’t snap at the person who angered you with their post or opinion. Remember everybody has the right to share their thoughts on any topic unless it is religious or celebrity related.

10. Actively participate in the group
Finally,your participation in the group determines your attitude. Don’t completely ignore and don’t over-talk. It is enough even if you send occasional “good morning” or “good night” messages. If you have been busy,get back to your group once or twice in a week.

Keep a check on the conversations so that you don’t miss something important. If someone had an achievement,congratulate them even though it maybe belated. Actively participate and keep the group alive!

Source: Kavya Janani and Musings Lounge
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